Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Wynners

The Wynners

The Wynners are a Hong Kong pop band formed in the 1970s. The five-piece is made up of Alan Tam (vocals), Kenny Bee (vocals), Bennett Pang (guitar), Danny Yip(bass guitar) and Anthony Chan (drums).

Began as an Hong Kong English pop band, The Wynners were assembled by manager Pato Leung in 1973 out of an earlier incarnation of the group, the Loosers. Bee, who was with the Sergeant Majors before joining the Wynners, was the only one not part of the original lineup.

The group soon became one of the most popular teen idol group in Hong Kong at the time. The group's first studio album, Listen to the Wynners, released in 1974, was a commercial success, as were its followups. Their success in music was also translated to other forms of the popular media, including a television show on TVB , the Wynners Specials (1975), and three feature films, Let's Rock (1975), Gonna Get You (1976) and Making It (1978).

In 1978, members of the group went separate ways to develop their solo careers. Alan Tam and Kenny Bee went on to become two of the most popular stars in Hong Kong in the 1980s.

Never formally disbanded, the Wynners have since reunited on stage every five years to sold-out crowds. Most recently, they held a benefit concert for Family Bridges at the Oracle Arena on October 25.

The group sang exclusively in English in their early days, mainly covers of popular songs from other parts of the world. In 1975, the group collaborated with songwriter/lyricist James Wong and released a number of original Cantonese songs for the soundtrack of the movie Let's Rock, which Wong also directed. With lyrics in a light-hearted, colloquial style along the line of those from Sam Hui, these songs defined a signature style of early Cantopop.